Free Telephone Conference on Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment

Sometimes it feels like we’re getting nowhere when it comes to new ways to treat lung cancer. And reviewing lung cancer statistics can leave anyone feeling depressed.


Yet advances are being made, and some are very exciting!

One example is a type of radiation therapy that seems to be as effective as surgery for some people with early stage inoperable lung cancer. I personally was able to see the results of a new drug for lung cancer, as a relative beat the odds and made current statistics look ancient. (She was treated with a drug approved in 2011 that acts on a lung cancer abnormality (ALK positive lung cancer) that was only discovered in 2006.

Are you interested in hearing about what’s new in lung cancer treatment? If so, tune in to a free telephone workshop. While learning about the latest approaches to treatment, you can listen in from the comfort of your home via your telephone, or live streaming through the internet.

The date: November 19, 2013

The time: 1:30-2:30 PM Eastern Time

How to register (free): You can register online at Advances in the Treatment of Lung Cancer or by calling 1-800-HOPE (4673).

Some of the topics that will be addressed will include:

Are you interested, but busy on that day? Not to worry. The program will be available later on, along with other archived workshops.

To view previous workshops, check out CancerCare Workshops for a listing of lung cancer related concerns that vary from management of lack of appetite to how to balance cancer with a career.



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