help please, thyroid cancer – Project Avalon

Hello all my fellow trusted avalonians,

Years ago, in 2009, I was diagnosed with a nodule on the right side of my thyroid, which was 2 centimeters (1 inch). For years, I have been having ultrasounds twice a year, to make sure it did not grow. The culture showed abnormal cells, but in the grey zone.

Last week, while putting my hand on my neck, I noticed that the nodule had grown quite alot and that surrounding tissues were swolen.

I went to the endocrinologist today. It has grown sufficiently to have half my gland removed, it is pressuring the lymphatic glands around. It may have turned cancerous, which is a good probabilities.

The doctor got me an appointment with the neck surgeon, which will most probably do a biopsie and set me up for surgery. I am meeting him in a month. If there is cancer, they will go fast with surgery bookings. I would rather keep myself whole and working well.

So, I have a month to get that nodule reduced to about nothing.

I would like to go natural. I read about the Gerbson therapy, there is Hula Clark also, and there may be others.

This is the end signal telling me that I have to drastically turn my life around and change my mental habits as well as my daily habits (it will require discipline)

What I need from Avalon members:

1. All the tricks in the books you have for natural medecine to cure cancer and reduce nodules, so that I can build myself a coherent cure and health plan.

2. Moral support during the process, which may take quite a few months, up to one year.

3. Tricks to reduce stress (I have been Under stress for years, I do not want to go back on that habit)

4. Spiritual support

5. A good laugh.

At the present time, I am really taking it fine, analysing the situation and looking at how I will make the best out of it. I am surprised at how little emotions I have about it. Changing habits might be quite more difficult and drastic, but yet enjoyable.

The other thin is that it is one of the easiest cancer to get rid of. Luck n bad luck.

Eaglespirit, I will not take any Ormus, it enhances everything, not the right time for me.

Thank you all in advance for your time, support and advice,


Edit: I am also starting a master degree to turn my career around and be able to work well into my seventies, and I am excited about it. So I hope to keep studying.


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