Married Connecticut Woman Dying Of Cancer Puts Ad On Craigslist …




Thank you for reading my posting. This is probably the most unusual posting on CL that you will ever read.

My name is Sharon B. For the past five years, I have had a regular ongoing intimate relationship with a wonderful gentleman, “A”. He is kind, supportive, funny, and most important of all, very attentive to my sexual needs. This relationship was outside my marriage, and it’s a long story, so I’ll save it for later communication.

I was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I do not have long to live. I have made peace with my situation. My family has been very supportive, but one of my last regrets is that I will be abandoning my wonderful intimate partner.

He has no idea that I am posting this. I intend to post it on all of the Craigslist categories that might elicit a real response. I would like to find, before I die, a wonderful woman who is worthy of his attention. I will try to persuade him to contact those who I think will treat him as I have, and will forward to them his email address.

Please, in order to cut down on the spam I have to deal with, put SharonB in the subject of your reply.

Thank you. I promise you, it will be worth your while.

With love and affection,


I guess this is cool? Or not? I dunno. Like on one hand it sucks she’s dying of cancer, but on the other hand she’s a scumbag for taking dicks on the lowdown behind her husband’s back. Pancreatic cancer or not, when you’re cheating on your husband and getting ninja stuffed on the side then you’re doing a bad thing. I mean I know you’re not supposed to call people dying of cancer scumbags, but you’re not supposed to cheat on your husband either. The fair thing would be to at least find another chick to fuck your husband too. If you’re searching out pussy for your sidepiece, then be cool and find a new slot for the father of your children. You said he’s being really supportive right? Well then get him laid. Fair is fair. Fresh pussy for all the men in your life.

PS – For the record, I did not enjoy writing this blog.


via cancer


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