East Georgia Cancer Coalition hires new executive director | Online …

The Athens-based East Georgia Cancer Coalition recently named Marilyn A. Hill executive director.

Hill, previously the organization’s director of operations and programs, is a registered nurse and has more than 40 years of experience in health care. She was the vice president of ancillary services at St. Mary’s Health Care System when she retired in 2002.

Smitha Ahamed was appointed the director of development and programs. Ahamed, an associate with the coalition since 2010, holds master’s degrees in nonprofit organizations and public health.

Lemont Monroe, Sr., is a licensed practical nurse and holds a bachelor’s degree in theology and will serve as the coalition’s community health advocacy program director. The program helps patients and families to negotiate the health care delivery system. Monroe is a pastor of the Revelation of God Missionary Baptist Church, Augusta, and before joining the Coalition was district men’s health coordinator/supervisor of the East Central Health District. He also has a background in emergency nursing, critical care nursing, and organ and tissue transplantation.


via cancer http://cancerwebs.blogspot.com/2013/09/east-georgia-cancer-coalition-hires-new.html


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