My wish for International Childhood cancer Awareness Month

Today, as we begin the month of September. Children are fighting for their lives, families gather, friends are lost, and yet cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease in Children in developed countries. I ask “WHY”?

The answer is simply this: not enough people know…

Most people turn away from the gold posts, the heartbreak, and the misery, but I’ve never been one to turn away. I’m a member of Save The Children, Amnesty International, and so on and so forth, All the organizations working to improve matters for those among us who are worst off in this World.

My main focus has Always been raising awareness for the Children, so that one day enough of us could care about putting an end to Child abuse, helping the poor, feeding the hungry, and turning the World into a Place where children don’t have to fight wars in poor countries, and where 11-year-olds who do crimes in the U.S. don’t get thrown in jail with adults to serve Life time sentences.

The only reason I did not include raising awareness for children with cancer on that list, was because even though I had survived childhood cancer myself,I didn’t know. Not until I became one of those parents, a cancer mom, a title I never thought I’d have. Yet, that’s how it works, no one knows when their normal life will suddenly end & they’ll find themselves fighting for their child’s life. I should have remembered that…

Joshua was only 7 months old when he was diagnosed. Although I spent almost every second with him from the day he was born because of the gnaughing fear that I’d lose Another baby, I’d barely gotten to know him before I had to hand him over to doctors to endure surgeries, scans, biopsies, pokes & hospital stays.

It isn’t fair that his life started off so hard, & yet we were lucky. Joshua’s cancer was caught early, and is highly curable. So many others aren’t. That’s why I fight for awareness, and will continue to fight for as long as elected officials throughout the worldkeep deeming our kids unimportant.

This is my wish, that one day Childhood Cancer stops taking innocent children, and cancer is thought of simply as a zodiac sign. That children one day no longer will need a “voice” because of this terrible disease, because everyone cares. That until that day is here, everyone who reads this post will wear gold for our Children, put a gold ribbon on their profile Pictures across all their social networks, and find it in them to donate a Little something to childhood cancer research each year. No amount is insignificant.

Spread awareness, donate blood, platelets, bone marrow. Remember that Before their whole existance came to revolve around their Child staying alive, all cancer parents once had great hopes and Dreams for their Children, just like you!


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